Pro Tips for Better T-shirt Designs

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Pro Tips for Better T-shirt Designs

Trends come and go, from tie dye pieces to neon ensembles. Some fashion trends last year can become outdated this 2021 and it’s time to leave them behind. However, one piece that never goes out of style are t-shirts. Be it for women, men, or unisex. You’ll find that this is a piece that never grows old. Whether worn with a tracksuit or paired with a blazer and cutoff, t-shirts can be worn with many items from everyone’s closet.

T-shirts are found globally and worn by everybody—crossing every region, culture, and class level. It has come a long way since and have taken on many forms, becoming a staple item. T-shirts holds a pride of place in anyone’s closet. They’re a great option for low-key vibe but also for over-the-top dress up. Have we mentioned just how comfortable they are? There’s no need dealing with buttons since you just throw them on right over your head. Now men and women wear tees during on almost all occasions, such as dates, parties, and workplace. It’s all about how one accessorizes it to suit the occasion. The simple t-shirt is simple no more.

T-shirt with logos, slogans, and designs have become a popular choice. These tees are a big part of the streetwear scene. They are perfect vehicles for expressing creativity, awareness, and whatever else people are feeling. Brand have experimented with different art styles, influencing the evolution of the look of most t-shirts. They’ve gone beyond slapping prints on tees, with some brands even straddling the line between street, urban, and designer sensibilities.

Here, we round up the some tips to help make a unique and trademark t-shirt design of your choice.

Explore Your Concept

No matter your reason for designing a t-shirt, it’ll always involve branding. If the t-shirts are for promotional purposes, weave consistent brand themes as branding is the main goal. Or, if the t-shirt’s used to commemorate an event, then make sure the t-shirt design communicates clearly. Merchandise tees’ design must cover style, marketability, and business strategy. Take the time to explore your concept and brainstorm a design concept. The design relies heavily on your creative and artistic instincts to communicate the message you want to say.

Check out Jarrod D. Dixon’s Touching lives urban apparel. For starters the brand commemorates and conveys the message “BLM” or Black Lives Matter which is relevant and controversial issue today. Touching lives urban apparel wastes no time in telling people who they are and what they stand for. They’re highly economical with their words, telling story through a simple blurb or art that cover everything from their mission of empowerment. Dixon boasts a creative approach that really brings the brand and message to life.

Take Note of the Detail and Composition

Everyone appreciates great drawing detail and attention to detail when it comes to shirt designs. After all, there’s nothing better than seeing a well-executed and presented masterpiece that one can look at for hours. However, when it comes to design, you need to consider the details and composition. Your design could be amazing that it catch people’s attentions and stares—but the placement is wrong. Heads will still be turning but for the wrong reasons. If the design is in standard print location make sure it will work across various garment types and sizes. Moreover, the font choice can say a lot about the t-shirt design. Fonts can convey certain ideas or evoke emotions that may not be intentional.

Stay Ahead of the Game

When designing shirts, in the forefront of your mind must be your target market and your niche. Your designs should appeal to your audience, it doesn’t need to be the flashiest. Some of the greatest designs are simple. But if you truly want your brand to stand out, experiment with illustration and other visual graphics. This is a great way to give your tees a more fun and playful feel that anyone will be proud to wear it.

There’s nothing wrong to take inspiration from the latest trends, but avoid copying them. You have to be one step ahead from other brands. Chances are by the time their t-shirt designs are produced, they’re on the works for the next big thing. Designers are always moving onto something else. So keep abreast of what’s happening in fashion and elsewhere, be it pop culture or politics and try to forge your own path. 





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