Jarrod Denard Dixon, Sr. is first and foremost a devoted and dedicated family man. He and his beautiful, anointed wife Cynthia have two brilliant sons, Jiwann and Jarrod II. Mr. and Mrs. Dixon are also blessed with an amazing, lovely daughter-in-Law, Shade, who is married to Jiwann. For 20 years, Jarrod D. Dixon has been and is currently an associate minister at First Waughtown Baptist Church, Incorporated, which is located in his hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Minister Dixon credits his dynamic Pastor of 22 years, Rev. Dr. Dennis W. Bishop, as being a “life-changing role model” in his personal life. Minister Dixon has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 2000. His primary Kingdom Assignment is Men’s Ministry, of which via the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, he passionately and radically exhorts men, Christian and non-Christians, to “come up higher!” 3Jarrod is also exceptionally blessed with the artistic God-given talents of drawing and Creative Writing. His impressive resume consists of: aspiring Screenwriter (associated with the Writer’s Guild of America East). a National Award-Winning Published Poet (“A Golden Lightning Bolt Type of Guy” featured in the Anthology Where the Mind Dwells Fascination, Eber & Wein Publishing. Also, “A Golden Lightning Bolt Type of Anointing” -a nationally honored Five Gold Star Poem published by Poetry.com), and Published Author of the successful worldwide selling The Traveler’s Touch Saga Series: A 7-Part Inspirational Illustrated Story/Self Improvement Series. And in the Spring of 2018. Dixon, also an aspiring Film Producer, launched his Christian-based Film Production Company – Immabaaaadmamatama Film Productions in Association with Touching Lives Ministries.

Jarrod D. Dixon’s Newly Released “The Golden Lightning Bolts” Is a Powerfully-Inspiring Adventure of a Ten-Member Official Alliance of the First Christian Superheroes…

Writer weaves Christian faith into superhero books…


A Golden Lightning Bolt Type of Anointing by Jarrod Denard Dixon

Just like Black Vulcan, Black Lightning,
The Flash and SHAZAM,
a Golden Lightning Bolt type of guy is who I am.

I told you that the last time,
at the conclusion of my last rhyme.
And you can bet your last dime,
I’ll make it to the Top if it’s my last climb.

Top, as in Top of Mount Everest plus Mount Fuji.
When you walk by faith and not by sight,
It’s amazing the things that you see.

So yes! I’m standing on the Zenith, the Apex, the Crest!
I wear the Golden Lightning Bolt upon my chest,
because I’m blessed!

So sport your Superman S, or your Batman Bat Symbol.
I’m a Soldier for Jesus Christ,
therefore, I am victorious, and it’s that simple.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, not trying to cause trouble,
but whose name do you call on,
when you feel like Life has you buried under a pile of rubble?

Oh. What is my weapon? A lightning bolt or a sword?
It’s neither. Not by might, nor by power,
but by the Spirit of the LORD!

Just like Black Vulcan, Black Lightning,
The Flash and SHAZAM,
a Golden Lightning Bolt type of guy is who I am.

A Golden Lightning Bolt Type of Guy by Jarrod Denard Dixon

You can take Batman’s bat symbol or Superman’s S,
then wear it proudly across your chest, if this helps to bring out your best.
I don’t mean to burst your bubble, not trying to cause trouble.
But I represent a Force:
a Higher Power who’s worth more than double.

The crème de la crème of the crop.
I’m looking down at Mount Olympus
because I peacefully reside at the top.

Top, as in top of the food chain. That’s right!
For you, this thing called Life may be heavy,
but to me, that’s light!

Personally, “The sky is the limit” is more than just a metaphor.
Double-check your cape or your wings,
because if you try to follow me, my brother,
then you better soar.

You see, I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,
from whence cometh my help.
So don’t dare think for a moment,
my inner-strength is due to self.
It’s absolutely entirely all because of God’s grace,
that I’m able and capable of
competing and completing any level of race.

So sport your Superman S,
if that makes you feel fly.
Oh? Who am I?
Well, I’m a golden lightning bolt type of guy.

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